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When one thinks about technological innovations, a few things usually come to mind. One imagines the latest cellphone or computer, perhaps an artificial intelligence device, but technological innovations are so much more than that. They help cars drive more smoothly or make assembly lines more efficient.

Advancements within the sphere of healthcare quite literally make a world of difference. Without these technological innovations, we wouldn’t have the most precise surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, or high-quality x-ray equipment that make diagnosing problems all the easier. The best in tech impacts even the day-to-day procedures that still have the ability to change lives.

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Women’s health is a field of healthcare that long since has been seen as practically taboo to speak of, but not any longer. On a month-by-month basis, women go through wild hormonal fluctuations. For some, these changes are well-confined to their menstrual cycle and are maintained with the simple solution of ibuprofen. For others, it is far more intense and needs actual medical care.

Hormones affect quite literally every aspect of human function. From decreased energy, to weight gain, to increased risk of health issues such as heart disease, hormone loss is a major problem that, these days, can easily be addressed. One of the best ways to solve this issue is through Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy, or BHRT. In a short procedure, a pellet (chemically identical to hormones the body produces every day) is placed under the skin. The slow absorption into the bloodstream provides patients a longer, more complete treatment.

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With hormone levels where they should be, patients see in an improvement across problem areas. Increased energy, improved sleep, improved urinary function, improved skin, and reduction in migraine headaches are just a few places where women can find relief from bio-identical hormone therapy.

This isn’t even considering what childbirth and menopause can do to a woman’s body. The feeling of being “loose,” dry, and even incontinence are all symptoms of this larger problem. Among other things, the article below illustrates just how common vaginal dryness is, and why it is an issue for so many women.

Instead of talking about it, many women keep it to themselves and experience a severe loss in confidence and desire, despite the fact that millions of women are going through the same situation at the same time. Years ago, these issues were unfortunately ones that women had to simply just deal with. These days, women don’t have to suffer through this—in fact, there is more than one solution.

THERMIva uses a special wand applicator that delivers radiofrequencies to improve laxity, continence, and pleasure. The wand may be applied externally to restore normal tone and function, as well as inside the vagina to revive atrophic tissues and other functions. The procedure involves three 30-minute sessions one month apart with no downtime or anesthesia. Upon leaving the office, women can immediately return to their lives.

Another, completely non-invasive option for incontinence is through swift electromagnetic therapy. The Emsella treatment sends therapeutic fields to the pelvic floor while the patient sits in a chair fully clothed. The sessions are completely painless, last approximately 25 minutes, and are recommended twice a week for a three-week period.

“Our goal with Emsella is to treat incontinence early so surgery is not necessary,” Dr. Dale Eubank, the Medical Director of Corpus Christi wellness clinic Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation, says. “The chair uses electromagnetic energy to engage all the muscles of the pelvic floor at once. It essentially causes 11,000 kegals in a 20-minute session. We also have patients reporting secondary benefits like increased strength of orgasms.”

Another side effect of the monthly imbalances women go through might surprise some: weight gain. Many believe weight gain is a simply a result of poor diet and exercise, but that is not necessarily the case. For some women, their bodies respond to hormonal changes by packing on difficult-to-shed pounds. This stubborn weight is far more difficult to get rid of, leading many to be discouraged and actually give up.

But women don’t have to go on this journey alone. Sometimes, people need a jumpstart on their weight loss, and that is precisely what the Lipo-Plus injection does with exercise and diet. This concoction is the perfect combination of vitamin B-12, B-complex, and three lipo components that together have been shown to yield better, longer-lasting weight loss. They key ingredients help burn fat, increase energy, and promote a healthy immune system.

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Patients don’t have to worry about injecting themselves with strange chemicals, as each of the vitamins that make up Lipo-Plus injections naturally occur within the body. As a result, the injection can be taken as frequently or infrequently as the patient likes.

For women who have fatty deposits left over from childbirth or hormonal weight gain, SculpSure is the best way to get their bodies back. The non-invasion, laser treatment can treat a variety of body shapes and sizes in a series of short procedures. There is no downtime, and women see results in as little as six weeks (though the best results are often yielded at 12). The video below illustrates just how easy SculpSure is.

Before these procedures were developed, women across the world were forced to sit in increasing discomfort. Though incredibly common issues, the problems they went through on a daily basis were ignored.

Now, thanks to the latest technology, women don’t have to endure these problems for long through minimally, or completely, non-invasive procedures. Even the smallest perceived advances in healthcare can make all the difference. Whether a simple injection or a rejuvenation procedure, they can allow women to have control of their lives again, something that is more valuable than most realize.