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For a while, online shopping was a trend only select groups of people could partake in. Not all retailers offered an online directory of their inventory, and restaurants certainly wouldn’t let you order ahead. Online shopping has proved to be more than a trend, however. As the years have gone by, especially the past decade, online shopping has become the norm for more consumers. According to NPR, nearly 70% of consumers have shopped online, and that number is only going to increase.

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The global pandemic forced many who hadn’t previously shopped online to pick up their phones and make some orders. For these new online shoppers, finding the best deal on a product can be overwhelming. In most cases, retailers don’t send physical mail with news on electronic deals like they may for their physical stores. They may send out coupons in their latest newsletter, but whether or not they are actually delivered to one’s inbox and not their spam folder is another question.

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Scouring Google for coupon codes is just as daunting a task. Hopping from website to website until one gives up on finding the best deal takes far longer than the actual shopping process would. But what if there was a resource that did that step for you, ensuring you have the best deal on the internet? Enter Honey, a money-saving browser extension.

Honey is one of the best apps online shoppers can use to save themselves money. Once downloaded, Honey pops up on most retailers websites with information on whether or not one is getting the best deal. If not, Honey sifts through the internet coupons to find consumers the best deal. Every year, Honey saves its users hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Who the words “browser extension” sounds scary to the less technologically inclined, but it isn’t as alarming as one might think. Installation is quite literally as easy as “one, two, three.” Using Google Chrome as an example, on the Honey website shoppers would click “Join” at the top of the page, then “add to Chrome,” and “add extension.” After that, Honey does all the work.

In a time where more and more people are turning to online shopping for ease of use, Honey is essential. Why spend full-price on anything when you could have the same item for a fraction of the price? Use the internet and all its advantages to its fullest extent in just a click.

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