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For well over 150 years, court reporting has been a crucial part of the legal industry. Court reporters record the events of a deposition or the proceedings of a courtroom with a stenotype machine. Its keyboard is set up phonetically, and allows skilled reporters to record over 200 words a minute. Their speed of recording allows them to keep up with what is said and how it is said, resulting in a highly accurate transcript that can be used for analysis at a later date.

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But even though court reporters are highly valuable parts of any legal team, their quality cannot always be counted on. No matter how good a team of reporters is, if they cannot adapt to the needs of attorneys, their work will be shrugged off. These days, attorneys expect court reporting companies to be full-service litigation support firms. If a firm cannot deliver on each and every one of an attorney’s needs, that attorney will turn to a different firm.

The founders of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) were sympathetic to not only these clients who needed more, but how many quality court reporting firms that were overlooked. As a result, the founding members formed the staple company of the court reporting industry that we know today.

The NNRC became a place where attorneys and paralegals can find a comprehensive database of quality court reporting firms across the world. With an intense vetting process that assures court reporting firms’ speed, accuracy, efficiency, and the highest level of customer service, only the best of the best can become members of the NNRC.

“The National Network Reporting Company has done wonders for the court reporting industry,” Brandon Bell, a legal expert from Oak Park, Illinois, says. “They’ve taken the court reporting profession and made people realize just how vastly important it is.”

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When an attorney books a service through the NNRC, they can be confident that they are scheduling a service with not only competent staff, but with the best technology in the business. Court reporters utilize the latest stenograph technology. Videographers implement equipment that delivers clear and crisp audio and video every single time. No matter what an attorney needs, the partners of the NNRC use technology that will aid in the outcome of their case.

In fact, the NNRC employs the latest technology in every step of the scheduling process. If a client wishes, they can schedule their next service through the NNRC’s 24/7, mobile friendly booking engine. Attorneys are always on the move, and may not have the time during conventional work hours to step aside and schedule a court reporter through a phone call. The NNRC’s booking engine eliminates that problem. In just a few minutes, attorneys can book their litigation support service whether they are at the office, in line for coffee, or after hours in the comfort of their home.

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Attorneys and paralegals no longer need to worry about whether or not a court reporter or litigation service will deliver on each and every one of their needs. By booking through the NNRC, attorneys and paralegals know they are scheduling a firm with legal staff who are nothing short of prime professionals.

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