Credit: Crisp Video Group

Jasel Patel isn’t like a lot of other young men. For many years now, kids have grown up with technology right at their fingers—from television, to video gaming systems, to desktop and laptop computers. But exposure from a young age doesn’t necessarily mean that devotion to tech will happen. Patel, however, is one of the few who found his calling in technology, and managed to make it his career from a young age.

But Patel’s passion didn’t come from social media or developing robotics. That passion manifested into a way to help people.

As a teenager, Patel developed his very own company, NGOTechnologies. The company specializes in providing technological support to non-governmental organizations, often non-profits or charities, by creating platforms that expand their work capabilities. Each solution is tailored specifically to the NGO’s needs, as unique organizations have specialized requirements to serve the communities who need them.

“It is rare to find a company that makes such a monumental impact on struggling communities like NGOTechnologies,” Pavel Nmi Usalko of Covington, Kentucky says. “When you consider the fact that the company was built when the CEO was a teenager, it really makes you feel confident that there is still good in the world.”

A number of organizations have NGOTechnologies to thank for taking their work to the next level. The company has teamed up with Impulse4Humanity to develop and distribute curriculum for underprivileged children, helped create protypes and educational technologies for Indepedals, help weavers break from poverty, and so much more. Any residual funds NGOTechnologies may collect through their projects are put towards providing sustainability through technology to break the cycle of poverty in any number of underprivileged communities across the world.

This amazing work granted Jasel Patel the Global Teen Leader Award—an honor presented to 30 teen leaders under the age of 19 across the world. This allowed him to attended the Three Dot Dash Peace Summit, which connected these brilliant young minds to more experienced global leaders. To this day, Patel applies the knowledge he learned at this summit to the inspiring work NGOTechnologies does, reminding us all that so much good can come from technology.