Hormone therapy is a field of medicine that is likely not as understood as it should be. In most cases, hormone therapy is thought of as a treatment for menopausal symptoms, or even cancer treatment. In truth, hormone therapy is so much more than that. It can treat people with thyroid problems, Cushing syndrome, testosterone issues, and so much more.

Out of the many different uses and types of hormone therapy, there is one function that is often overlooked: hormone therapy can be used for weight loss.

A Different Kind of Weight Loss

Many weight loss doctors stick to regimens of diet and exercise, perhaps with some sort of supplement, to hopefully lead their clients to their healthiest lives. In many cases, these treatments work, but some people need to turn to other alternatives to find a program that works for them. But Dr. Dale Eubank of Advanced Weight Loss in Corpus Christi, Texas, does things a little differently.

Developing a weight loss supplement that actually works was not always in the stars for Dr. Dale Eubank. Before opening Advanced Weight Loss, Dr. Eubank worked primarily as a gynecologist and gynecological surgeon. About his work, Dr. Eubank says,

“Over the past fourteen years, one of the most challenging aspects of my practice has been helping women lead a healthy, fit lifestyle while simultaneously experiencing the effects of childbearing, menopausal changes, and societal influences.”

The Program That Works

Dr. Eubank watched women turn to dangerous and ineffective weight loss alternatives perpetrated by the media, and decided that enough was enough. After spending years researching, formulating, and working clinical trials, Dr. Eubank finally found something that actually worked: Crave Control.

An imbalance in serotonin can lead to a great many number of problems—such as depression and anxiety. An issue it has been proven is cause the contribution to increased carbohydrate cravings and binge eating. The Crave Control supplement is a form of hormone therapy that helps stunt these cravings and even boosts mood.

The medically-supervised program helps patients lose an average of 35 pounds in 12 weeks. In addition to a suggested diet and exercise plan, the Advanced Weight Loss program allows men and women to safely lose weight, and keep that weight off. The program acts as more of a lifestyle change, and truly allows patients to live their best lives.

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