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1988 was a very different time when it came to technology. Cell phones were not widespread, and they certainly were not built with the entire internet among its keys. Computers weren’t as speedy, versatile, or portable. The technology utilized by law firms was similar, but so different all at once. These days, everything is automated—from online billing, to filing documents electronically, to e-discovery. Back in 1988, only a small fraction off these computer programs existed, yet each one was still crucial to the functions of the legal world.

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This isn’t even scratching the service of litigation services, and already it’s enough to make one’s head spin. But despite the growing technological needs of law firms across America, many litigation support firms couldn’t (or perhaps wouldn’t) keep up. In an already frustrating profession, it is all the more agitating to know no one can keep up with your needs.

In 1988, Ariel Mumma became aware of this need. She worked as a court reporter in the Salt Lake City area throughout the 80’s, and she realized a terrible commonality: most court reporting firms were not using the most sophisticated technology available, even with the knowledge that their clients needed more. Mumma wouldn’t let that stand. When the opportunity to make a name for herself rose, she grabbed the proverbial bull by its horns and became the leader of her own court reporting firm, Tempest Reporting.

“Mumma’s dedication to her clients really shows through the quality of service her staff puts forward,” Julie Rehberg, an expert from Omaha, Nebraska says. “There are few court reporting firms that go the extra mile like the staff at Tempest Reporting does. They are really something special.”

Since then, Tempest Reporting has been synonymous with a legacy of excellence. The firm’s Salt Lake City court reporters put their best foot forward for every job. Clients have learned to expect high accuracy and efficiency, as well as dutiful customer service. If something effects the quality of work, Tempest Reporting handles it. Attorneys and paralegals don’t have to worry about editing, proofreading, or formatting. Tempest’s specialists have it covered. They will even provide rush delivery if necessary.

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But Tempest Reporting offers more than top-notch court reporting—they are a full-service litigation firm. Videoconferencing, realtime reporting, litigation support, and so much more can be booked from Tempest’s reliable reporting specialists. No matter what a client needs, Tempest Reporting will do their very best to ensure full satisfaction.

For more information on Tempest Reporting and their services, call (801) 521-2222, email, or visit their Salt Lake City Offices.

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