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Business Today TV Show Topics: Smartphone Addiction

business-today-tv-smartphonesThe Business Today television program explores the power of smartphones, social media and how communication technologies can become addictive.

Is it Time to Take a Break From Your Smartphone?

These days, we are all attached to our smartphones as if they were extensions of us. True, they are useful, but many experts have pointed out the pitfalls of staring into our screens for so many hours a day. Have you thought that you might be using your smartphone to much? As discussed on the Business Today television program, here are some things to consider if you think you might need a break from your device.

Are You Ignoring People in Real Life?

Smartphone addiction can be alienating for your friends and family. Do you find yourself not paying attention to others? Maybe it’s time to put the phone down.

Does Your Neck Hurt?

Research shows that looking down at your phone can cause neck pain, back problems, and bad posture. If you notice these symptoms, perhaps you should use your phone less — or maybe raise your phone nearer to your face.

business-today-social-mediaIs Your Attention Span Decreasing?

Some active smartphone users report a decrease in attention span and short-term memory. They attribute it to the use of their phones, but research has not been conclusive as to whether there’s a direct link. In any case, a break from your device may help you improve your focus.

You don’t necessarily need to make a clean break from your smartphone, but tapering use off little by little could determine if it’s causing problems for you. In the end, it’s all about what you want in your smartphone relationship.

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An Educational Experience Unlike Any Other

Planet Sustainability Television
Image courtesy of watcharakun at

It has been a long time since television viewers have had a program turn its attention to how things are changing on planet Earth. With so much debate about the way that the human species has left its mark on the planet, it seems that the perfect time for an educational series is now. A new program has the ability to take viewers off of their couch and into the midst of issues that are occurring all around them.

The Planet Sustainability Television program is designed by a top-of-the-line team that have pooled their talents to create something truly amazing. From visual effects to the content itself, viewers will be able to experience a series unlike anything that they’ve encountered before.

The series covers topics including global warming, and food waste and is hosted by celebrities who are aware of the need to increase awareness. Planet Sustainability aims to change the way viewers think about themselves as well as the planet that they call home by making each topic comprehensible for most age groups. It incorporates knowledgeable speakers who have personally experienced the way that small changes can illicit big results, and have the ability to inspire change in others. From the beginning of the first episode, viewers can expect a relaxing, but engaging educational experience that they will be excited to enjoy with the family.