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How a Law Firm Techniques It’s Way to Digital Success

For a business to succeed online it takes a variety of factors: great content on your website, an updated design that integrates basic mobile-friendly features, and a little thinking outside the box. In the legal profession, with the crowded competitive field, the “thinking outside the box” factor is the key.

This is where Shalloway & Shalloway, a law firm in West Palm Beach, has succeeded. Their website, apart from being updated regularly and offering well-written content, provides its prospective clientele (elderly and families looking for counsel in special needs care) with a variety of ways to engage the firm and learn about the legal process.

Shalloway and Shalloway specializes in providing visitors to their site with an array of informed and well-written documents, from questionnaires on pre-consultation questions relating to wills & trusts to guidelines on veterans aid and estate planning.

Mark Shalloway

Mark Shalloway, the Founder of the form, is one of the more forward-thinking attorneys in the field of elder and special needs care. His activities in the community range from providing free seminars to offering educational sessions to members of the military. Active on social media and prominent in his field as an expert in a variety of legal areas related to his practice, Mr. Shalloway has manufactured an impressive online presence that exemplifies the integration between industry knowledge and the technical skills relevant to digital presence building.

What separates the firm of Shalloway & Shalloway from other firms is their commitment to pro bono services. By combining the downloadable content with their basic content on their website and by organizing the many free events for the public, the firm creates a seamless fusion of marketing and advocacy that works in the best traditions of the legal profession and helps them stand out in a crowded and competitive field.

iPhone 8 Rumors Abound

With six months to go until its release, JP Morgan analysists are attempting to gauge the potential market for yet another iPhone whose updates seem to be centered around for rather than function. According to their analysis release, there is a strong belief that these are still a significant number of consumers with older iPhones looking for a chance to upgrade. This will be their potential market.

Sleek New Design and Futuristic Features

But why upgrade when your current phone works just fine? The iPhone 8 seems to promise a lot. Instead of going larger to increase screen size like they did with the iPhones 6 and 7 plus versions, Apple is keeping their larger screens within smaller frames by using new technology to wrap the iPhone 8’s screen around the edge of the device. With this new screen come the new camera options which will allow you to refocus pictures after already taking them. In addition, the new iPhone will have 3-D facial recognition capabilities along with 3D camera effects and wireless charging, a factor often discussed by technology consultants and smartphone enthusiasts alike.


The Expanding Functionality of Smartphones

Helping Businesses Become More Productive

The Expanding Functionality of Smartphones
The In View series will explore some of the many apps that have made smartphones and other mobile computing devices so useful to businesspeople.

With all of the technological advances in the past few years, it is getting easier for the average business and businessperson to do things on the go with mobile internet, smartphones, and tablets. This is making it easier for businesspeople to read e-mails as they come in, deal with issues as they arise, and even lock up for the night without having to be in the building or sitting at a computer. You can check the status report of a project or finish a presentation while sitting in traffic or flying to a meeting, saving you time and giving you something productive to do. In a series of planned reports, In View hosted by Larry King (561-279-3550), a diverse and enlightening cable television series, will look at the expanding functionality of mobile computing devices.

The In View Larry King producer team scours the American business world for notable and intriguing stories.  The In View series hosted by Larry King (855-446-8439) highlights various ways in which entrepreneurs, companies and industries improve their operations and work faster and more efficiently.

Doing Business on the Go

By making more and more of your everyday business functions available on your smartphone or tablet, you can have more employees who work from home, you can have more time away from your computer, and you can get more done in a shorter amount of time. There are also plenty of applications built for smartphones to help with different business aspects from mobile meetings to spreadsheets and presentations. If you are looking for an app that will take care of a need and can’t find one, then you can have one made for your purposes and even sell it to other people with the different application stores that the various smartphones use.

Smartphones can also offer big businesses more contact with their various employees and can help them monitor what things are working and which ones are not. This is especially true when it comes to the various different applications, or apps, which are available for smartphones these days. With some of the management programs available you can monitor which apps your employees are using on their company phones, remotely remove apps that you don’t approve of, and even share apps that work well for your business with all of your employees at once. This can help inspire some of your employees to build applications specifically for work purposes and save you money by sharing the apps with co-workers.

Could Apps Help Behavior Modification in Troubled Teens?

Apps Already Help People Modify Their Behavior

Could Apps Help Behavior Modification in Troubled Teens?
Teens, who already use technology extensively, may one day use technology and apps to help them avoid trouble and make better decisions.

In recent years, with the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile computing devices, helpful apps have emerged to help many people break bad habits and make better decisions for themselves. It stands to reason that someone somewhere will develop an app that helps young people, particularly teenagers, curb their negative behaviors and actions, and make more responsible decisions. After all, younger generations use technology and devices more than older generations. If app makers developed apps that rewarded responsible decisions and good behavior, it might encourage some young people to make better decisions. Such apps could reinforce the treatments offered by treatment centers and treatment programs for troubled young people, such as Integrity House, a treatment center for young ladies, located in Cedar City, Utah. The Integrity House Utah treatment center helps young women overcome many types of harmful behaviors, such as school truancy, alcohol use, drug use and more.

Apps Could Help Teens Stay on Track

Apps on teens’ smartphones could potentially keep track of positive behaviors, like attending school, earning good grades and staying sober. By staying in touch with the mentors, counselors and teachers at the treatment center, young women who had graduated from the Integrity House RTC could share their progress with the staff at the center. The staff at Integrity House reviews various ways in which they can help young ladies lead productive and fulfilling lives.

App makers have already developed numerous apps that help people modify their behavior, including apps that help people stick to their diets to lose weight, along with apps that help people stay focused and procrastinate less. Apps for behavioral modification for the wired generation make sense.