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How a Law Firm Techniques It’s Way to Digital Success

For a business to succeed online it takes a variety of factors: great content on your website, an updated design that integrates basic mobile-friendly features, and a little thinking outside the box. In the legal profession, with the crowded competitive field, the “thinking outside the box” factor is the key.

This is where Shalloway & Shalloway, a law firm in West Palm Beach, has succeeded. Their website, apart from being updated regularly and offering well-written content, provides its prospective clientele (elderly and families looking for counsel in special needs care) with a variety of ways to engage the firm and learn about the legal process.

Shalloway and Shalloway specializes in providing visitors to their site with an array of informed and well-written documents, from questionnaires on pre-consultation questions relating to wills & trusts to guidelines on veterans aid and estate planning.

Mark Shalloway

Mark Shalloway, the Founder of the form, is one of the more forward-thinking attorneys in the field of elder and special needs care. His activities in the community range from providing free seminars to offering educational sessions to members of the military. Active on social media and prominent in his field as an expert in a variety of legal areas related to his practice, Mr. Shalloway has manufactured an impressive online presence that exemplifies the integration between industry knowledge and the technical skills relevant to digital presence building.

What separates the firm of Shalloway & Shalloway from other firms is their commitment to pro bono services. By combining the downloadable content with their basic content on their website and by organizing the many free events for the public, the firm creates a seamless fusion of marketing and advocacy that works in the best traditions of the legal profession and helps them stand out in a crowded and competitive field.

Omni Global Media Group: New Trends in Multimedia Marketing

omni-global-media-groupMarketing in today’s world is such a pervasive part of our lives with so many avenues that could make one’s head spin:

  • Social Media
  • Radi
  • Television
  • Print
  • Word of Mouth

For professionals in the marketing industry, a truly powerful and holistic approach to publicizing a company or a product requires nuanced thinking and a synergistic understanding of how these disparate media all work together. Why spend $20,000 on a magazine ad when you can start a twitter site for free and reach millions of people? But it is not that easy and this is where companies like Omni Global Media Group come in. Anybody can say they have a website. But it takes professionals to create a cohesive image and communicate a desired message to the right people.

A marketplace is a tricky thing and this is where the team at Omni come in. Their professionals are trained in the latest stat-of-the-art techniques that bind together television commmercials with social media and public relations. A good public relations campaign is more than just getting your name on the air or in print. It takes an awareness of crafting the right image and reaching the right ears and eyes.
Omni Global Media Group has worked with a number of celebrities and television networks in their campaigns. Their fluency in all phases of design, campaign conception, and execution make them a powerful player in today’s multimedia marketing world.

For more information visit the official Omni Global Media Group Facebook page.