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How One Broward Sinus Doctor Is Changing the Way People Breathe Easier With Balloon Sinuplasty

Breathing easier… It’s a bit of a cliche and a saying used in many contexts, all relating to the idea of comfort and relaxation. But if you have ever suffered from allergies or chronic nasal congestion you know that breathing easily or freely is not something you take for granted.

When our breathing is inhibited through the nasal passages airflow must travel through the mouth and this phenomenon, known as “mouth breathing” can have severe consequences ranging from sleep deprivation and sleep apnea to strokes and even heart attacks.

Fort Lauderdale balloon sinuplasty doctors like Dr. Wilson DuMornay are experiencing more and more patients with chronic sinus congestion, sinusitis, allergies that constrict the nasal passages, deviated septums and other causes and conditions that affect breathing.

Thes doctors, commonly referred to as “ear, nose and throat” specialists, are in fact called “otolaryngologists” in the profession. They are at the technological forefront of a new procedure called “balloon sinuplasty“. Balloon sinuplasty is a revolutionary procedure usually conducted in the doctor’s office, but sometimes in outpatient centers or hospitals, that dramatically improves sinus flow and usage with no side effects and without the need for general anesthesia.

Balloons are inserted into the nostrils where they are inflated and expand the nasal openings to improve airflow and consequently breathing. The result is long-term improvement of your breathing and sleep habits.

Balloon Sinuplasty involves almost no downtime and no need for major recovery or rest. The procedure has a less than .01% complication rate so it is considered extraordinarily safe.

What makes Dr. DuMornay’s practice exceptional in the industry is his dedication and commitment to his patients. Dr. DuMornay explains his philosophy when it comes to utilizing Balloon Sinuplasty:

“We are proud to have a very strong and loyal patient base with a commitment to the long-term health of our patients. We only prescribe balloon sinuplasty when we feel there is a 99% chance of improving the lives of our patients. It’s important for our patients to know and understand the importance of good and proper breathing out of the nasal passages and its link to good overall health.”


The Serotonin Plus Program Is Transforming Weight Loss

Back in the old days, say 2004, people used to take funny shakes and weird concoctions hoping they would lead to dropping those dreaded 10 pounds! Thankfully, weight loss has become a far more nuanced and exact science in the past ten years. The new hormone therapy called Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program is one of the most revolutionary treatments available today.

Natural Hormone Therapy

Treating the body’s natural serotonin levels in order to eliminate unhealthy cravings for carbohydrates and other foods, bingeing and other bad habits, the SP Program has no known side effects and is crafted to meet the individual needs of all patients. Developed by Dr. Robert Posner, the Serotonin Plus program is only administered by select physicians such as Dr. Dale Eubank at Advanced Weight Loss, a leading medical weight loss clinic in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Obesity is an American Epidemic

It is estimated that more than 39% of Americans are obese and more than 63% are over-weight. With obesity leading to serious medical afflictions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, the importance of living within a healthy weight cannot be over-emphasized. With the many weight loss fads out there promising ridiculous results, the SP Program is one of the few that delivers realistic and long-term weight loss where patients not only shed extra pounds but continue to keep them off, all without having to consume any dangerous medications of funny-tasting faddy foods.

A New Life With Safe Weight Loss

Living well starts with being the right weight for your body. With the proliferation of medical weight loss programs and centers across America and the world, it is not always easy to know which plan works best without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars. The genius of the Serotonin Plus program is that it works naturally and works well. It’s never a bad time to lose those extra pounds safely!