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Affordable Websites by Sophia Web Design

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 1.35.40 PMSmall businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to create a stunning profile on the internet can represent themselves with elegant web design at an affordable price.  In today’s society, it seems everyone is working on smartphones and tablets. To ensure clients reach the contemporary market of consumers Sophia Web Design affordable websites automatically configure to all mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets have one touch contact features!

Sophia Webdesign includes one-touch calling, emailing and purchase options to ensure its clients never miss a sale! When you are ready to reach the highest percentage of consumers and dramatically increase your influx of sales, contact our team. We are designing mobile responsive websites that are withing your budget allowance!

Web Designs that Align your business with the Elite!

Seductive imagery and mobile responsive designs are captivating audiences and converting viewers into customers. Sophia Web Design is bringing clients a constant influx of sales!


Web Design, Palm Beach and Successful Marketing Strategies


Internet marketing is a powerful and immediately effective form of advertising. The e-commerce system and nature of the web has created a forum for marketing businesses that obtains customers, solicits sales and dramatically increases revenues. The two component of successful marketing on the Internet include web design and search engine optimization. With a campaign in place that implements these strategies effectively, companies reach the largest audience attract business and benefit from a constant influx of sales.

Internet marketing companies that are in tune with Google Hummingbird programming are quickly achieving high visibility and top rankings for popular searches. Successful marketing firms familiar with Google algorithm patterns were able to quickly recognize the new Hummingbird shifts and although many websites were experiencing a drop in rankings those with this knowledge immediately soared their clients to first place. In competitive markets this position on the web amounts to a large percentage of market sales.

Web design Palm Beach site that are Hummingbird-friendly and optimized with Google approved techniques are moving up in rankings ahead of competitors. Sites congruent with the new programming are replacing websites that previously dominated search engine results. What this means for businesses in saturated markets is the visibility needed to compete for sales and ensure long term success. Marketing strategies that implement proven effective SEO Palm Beach techniques are positioning clients ahead of the elite for a dramatic increase in revenue.




The Expanding Functionality of Smartphones

Helping Businesses Become More Productive

The Expanding Functionality of Smartphones
The In View series will explore some of the many apps that have made smartphones and other mobile computing devices so useful to businesspeople.

With all of the technological advances in the past few years, it is getting easier for the average business and businessperson to do things on the go with mobile internet, smartphones, and tablets. This is making it easier for businesspeople to read e-mails as they come in, deal with issues as they arise, and even lock up for the night without having to be in the building or sitting at a computer. You can check the status report of a project or finish a presentation while sitting in traffic or flying to a meeting, saving you time and giving you something productive to do. In a series of planned reports, In View hosted by Larry King (561-279-3550), a diverse and enlightening cable television series, will look at the expanding functionality of mobile computing devices.

The In View Larry King producer team scours the American business world for notable and intriguing stories.  The In View series hosted by Larry King (855-446-8439) highlights various ways in which entrepreneurs, companies and industries improve their operations and work faster and more efficiently.

Doing Business on the Go

By making more and more of your everyday business functions available on your smartphone or tablet, you can have more employees who work from home, you can have more time away from your computer, and you can get more done in a shorter amount of time. There are also plenty of applications built for smartphones to help with different business aspects from mobile meetings to spreadsheets and presentations. If you are looking for an app that will take care of a need and can’t find one, then you can have one made for your purposes and even sell it to other people with the different application stores that the various smartphones use.

Smartphones can also offer big businesses more contact with their various employees and can help them monitor what things are working and which ones are not. This is especially true when it comes to the various different applications, or apps, which are available for smartphones these days. With some of the management programs available you can monitor which apps your employees are using on their company phones, remotely remove apps that you don’t approve of, and even share apps that work well for your business with all of your employees at once. This can help inspire some of your employees to build applications specifically for work purposes and save you money by sharing the apps with co-workers.

The In View Series Hosted by Larry King, and Digital Security

In View Hosted by Larry King to Highlight Digital Security Efforts

Digital security has become an ever-bigger issue in recent years. As cyber-attacks and cyber-espionage have become more common, many corporations and governments have found themselves vulnerable to cyber-crime. At least on this front, digital security has fallen behind, making many people around the world uneasy about the security of their computer networks, their personal information, their money and anything else accessible on the internet. With the American health care system shifting toward electronic medical records, will safeguards exist to protect people’s sensitive medical information from falling into the wrong hands? The TV series In View hosted by Larry King will look at developments on the digital security front in a series of reports planned for later this year.

The In View Series Hosted by Larry King, and Digital Security
The In View series, hosted by Larry King, will highlight cyber-security efforts and strategies in coming reports.

Numerous incidents and episodes in recent months have made people concerned about the security of digital information and digital networks. Hackers believed to be based in China have attacked the websites of major financial institutions with denial of service attacks, cutting millions of Americans off from access to their financial information. The WikiLeaks case has exposed the vulnerability of electronic communications between governments, embassies and consulates around the world. The revelations produced by Edward Snowden about the National Security Agency have showed that the federal government engages in data collection on American citizens far more extensively than most people knew.

The In View Series, and Fighting Cyber-Crime

The In View series (, an enlightening television program hosted by Larry King, will review some of the efforts that companies and governments have made to improve digital security and safeguard digital information. With e-commerce becoming more common, consumers rightfully have concerns about the security of their credit card information.

The In View series hosted by Larry King will spotlight some of the methods and strategies that companies and consumers have taken to secure digital information, and guard against crimes like identity theft.