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Personal Injury Cases and Surveillance Equipment

Personal Injury Cases and Surveillance Equipment
Surveillance cameras in many public places can provide important evidence in personal injury cases.

Because of the advances in technology, more and more businesses and other public places have surveillance equipment. In many cases, this equipment can be the source of valuable evidence in a personal injury lawsuit. Your Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney will know how to obtain this evidence to help support your South Florida personal injury claim.

It is important to contact an attorney right after your accident, since often these recording devices are periodically erased, and losing these images can be a blow to the evidence in your case.

This video evidence is just one type of evidence in a South Florida personal injury claim, and Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers can guide clients through the process of gathering evidence and preparing a case for trial.

Even in a car accident lawsuit, traffic cameras can often play a role in the case. More and more busy roads now have cameras to monitor traffic flow and catch people speeding or violating traffic signals, and these cameras can sometimes tell the story of a traffic accident.

Technology has changed the legal system in many ways, and it is providing new forms of evidence for experienced personal injury lawyers. If you have been injured, there can sometimes be only a very small window to legally secure this evidence for your case. Contacting a lawyer immediately can start the process of securing this sometimes crucial evidence.

The In View Series Hosted by Larry King, and Digital Security

In View Hosted by Larry King to Highlight Digital Security Efforts

Digital security has become an ever-bigger issue in recent years. As cyber-attacks and cyber-espionage have become more common, many corporations and governments have found themselves vulnerable to cyber-crime. At least on this front, digital security has fallen behind, making many people around the world uneasy about the security of their computer networks, their personal information, their money and anything else accessible on the internet. With the American health care system shifting toward electronic medical records, will safeguards exist to protect people’s sensitive medical information from falling into the wrong hands? The TV series In View hosted by Larry King will look at developments on the digital security front in a series of reports planned for later this year.

The In View Series Hosted by Larry King, and Digital Security
The In View series, hosted by Larry King, will highlight cyber-security efforts and strategies in coming reports.

Numerous incidents and episodes in recent months have made people concerned about the security of digital information and digital networks. Hackers believed to be based in China have attacked the websites of major financial institutions with denial of service attacks, cutting millions of Americans off from access to their financial information. The WikiLeaks case has exposed the vulnerability of electronic communications between governments, embassies and consulates around the world. The revelations produced by Edward Snowden about the National Security Agency have showed that the federal government engages in data collection on American citizens far more extensively than most people knew.

The In View Series, and Fighting Cyber-Crime

The In View series (, an enlightening television program hosted by Larry King, will review some of the efforts that companies and governments have made to improve digital security and safeguard digital information. With e-commerce becoming more common, consumers rightfully have concerns about the security of their credit card information.

The In View series hosted by Larry King will spotlight some of the methods and strategies that companies and consumers have taken to secure digital information, and guard against crimes like identity theft.