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Today’s Breast Implants are Much Safer

The technology of breast implants has improved dramatically in recent years. Notwithstanding the public health scare associated with breast implants manufactured by Poly Implant Prothèse, a French company, last year, breast implants have become safer and more stable. Silicone breast implants came back onto the market in the past decade following a ban of more than a decade. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, many stories emerged about breast implants that ruptured, causing disfigurement and even death. However, in recent years, the FDA has approved a number of new types of silicone breast implants. Today silicone implants last longer, maintain their shape and pose fewer risks. If you or a loved one has considered getting breast augmentation in New York, you can rest assured that the implants available today have undergone strenuous testing.

Breast Augmentation Procedures Have Improved Too

Women from New York City and Westchester County cities, towns and villages can speak with the best Westchester plastic surgeons to learn more about new types of breast implants and improvements in silicone implants and saline implants. Patients may want to consider so-called “gummy bear” breast implants. These implants, offered by some surgeons across Westchester County and the Big Apple, maintain their shape and size longer than traditional implants, and also feel more natural than other types of breast implants.

Just as breast implants themselves have become safer and more stable, methods for implanting them have also improved. Implant procedures today produce far less scarring than they did a generation ago. Leading surgeons today use different methods to conceal incisions, including transaxillary incisions.

Best Plastic Surgeons in South Florida and their Techniques

Technology Helping Surgeons Produce Great Results

Best Plastic Surgeons in South Florida and their Techniques
Some of the best South Florida plastic surgeons use a new technology called CoolSculpting to eliminate fat without invasive techniques.

Technology has certainly enhanced the fields of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. The best surgeons, in places like New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and South Florida, use technology to precisely chart their procedures before they perform them, allowing them to virtually perform the procedures beforehand. Surgeons know where on the patient they will want to make an incision, as well as what layers of skin or muscles they will encounter. The best plastic surgeons in South Florida know exactly where they will place breast implants, for instance, whether under the patient’s skin or below the muscle. Using advanced technology, surgeons can show patients how they would look after undergoing procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction or CoolSculpting, a cutting-edge non-surgical procedure for body-contouring that a number of surgeons have begun offering.

Several Palm Beach cosmetic surgeons now offer CoolSculpting Palm Beach procedures as an alternative to invasive and surgical body-sculpting procedures. Unlike traditional procedures for body-sculpting like abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tucks, and liposuction, CoolSculpt Palm Beach procedures eliminate fat without incisions and require no downtime.

Best Surgeons Aim to Minimize Scarring

The best plastic surgeons aim to make it look as though patients have not obviously undergone surgery. They strive to hide patients’ incisions in inconspicuous areas, whether performing facelifts, breast augmentation or tummy tucks. In the case of facelifts, surgeons might make incisions along a patient’s hairline. With breast augmentation, many surgeons now perform this procedure through the woman’s armpits, a technique known as transaxillary breast augmentation. These techniques minimize patients’ visual scars.

Technology Applications in Cosmetic Surgery

Technology Applications in Cosmetic Surgery
CoolSculpting is one example of ways that technological advances are improving plastic surgery.

Technology and West Palm Beach Cosmetic Surgery

Technology has led to advancements in fields and industries throughout the economy, but health care and related fields have arguably benefitted the most from the advances of the last 30 to 40 years.  Medical professionals can diagnose diseases and health conditions much better with today’s technology than medical professionals could a generation ago. The advances, of course, have also extended to the treatment of health conditions and diseases, as well as elective procedures, like cosmetic surgery. The work of Harvard scientists has led to a breakthrough in fat-loss, called CoolSculpting, a non-surgical procedure that eliminates fat cells in the body by freezing them to death without harming surrounding healthy tissue.

Technology Assists Breast Augmentation West Palm Beach and Other Procedures

In locations where physical beauty has a prominent role, like the Palm Beaches in South Florida, plastic surgeons like Dr. Greg DeLange of the Estetica Institute, a leading facility in Palm Beach Gardens, adopt technology to help patients visualize how they would look by undergoing different procedures. Surgeons can simulate a woman’s appearance after undergoing procedures like breast augmentation West Palm Beach surgery, which helps the patient determine the size of breast implants she would like.

In the operating room, Palm Beach cosmetic surgeons have used technology to monitor patients’ vital signs and aid in some surgeries, improving safety for patients, reducing complications and leading to better results for patients. Other applications of technology have included the use of laser treatments in non-surgical procedures, such as laser-assisted liposuction, the so-called “SmartLipo,” and laser resurfacing of facial skin. The future looks bright for non-invasive body-sculpting, including procedures that use ultrasound and other non-invasive methods to improve patients’ figures.