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Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 1.35.40 PMSmall businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to create a stunning profile on the internet can represent themselves with elegant web design at an affordable price.  In today’s society, it seems everyone is working on smartphones and tablets. To ensure clients reach the contemporary market of consumers Sophia Web Design affordable websites automatically configure to all mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets have one touch contact features!

Sophia Webdesign includes one-touch calling, emailing and purchase options to ensure its clients never miss a sale! When you are ready to reach the highest percentage of consumers and dramatically increase your influx of sales, contact our team. We are designing mobile responsive websites that are withing your budget allowance!

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Business Today TV Show Topics: Smartphone Addiction

business-today-tv-smartphonesThe Business Today television program explores the power of smartphones, social media and how communication technologies can become addictive.

Is it Time to Take a Break From Your Smartphone?

These days, we are all attached to our smartphones as if they were extensions of us. True, they are useful, but many experts have pointed out the pitfalls of staring into our screens for so many hours a day. Have you thought that you might be using your smartphone to much? As discussed on the Business Today television program, here are some things to consider if you think you might need a break from your device.

Are You Ignoring People in Real Life?

Smartphone addiction can be alienating for your friends and family. Do you find yourself not paying attention to others? Maybe it’s time to put the phone down.

Does Your Neck Hurt?

Research shows that looking down at your phone can cause neck pain, back problems, and bad posture. If you notice these symptoms, perhaps you should use your phone less — or maybe raise your phone nearer to your face.

business-today-social-mediaIs Your Attention Span Decreasing?

Some active smartphone users report a decrease in attention span and short-term memory. They attribute it to the use of their phones, but research has not been conclusive as to whether there’s a direct link. In any case, a break from your device may help you improve your focus.

You don’t necessarily need to make a clean break from your smartphone, but tapering use off little by little could determine if it’s causing problems for you. In the end, it’s all about what you want in your smartphone relationship.

Contact William Shatner, Host of Business Today


william-shatner-contactInterested in contacting William Shatner, the host of Business Today who is also famous for his many television and film roles? Contact his agent using the information below:

Brian Greene, Public Relations
Direct Line  646-350-2503

BT-Web-logoWilliam Shatner is a world-wide celebrity with more than 100 films and TV Shows to his credit. He is also the most prominent endorser of Priceline and other ventures. Business Today is a unique cable television program airing on cable channels across North America.

Viewers interested the Business Today TV Show should visit the official website at

An Educational Experience Unlike Any Other

Planet Sustainability Television
Image courtesy of watcharakun at

It has been a long time since television viewers have had a program turn its attention to how things are changing on planet Earth. With so much debate about the way that the human species has left its mark on the planet, it seems that the perfect time for an educational series is now. A new program has the ability to take viewers off of their couch and into the midst of issues that are occurring all around them.

The Planet Sustainability Television program is designed by a top-of-the-line team that have pooled their talents to create something truly amazing. From visual effects to the content itself, viewers will be able to experience a series unlike anything that they’ve encountered before.

The series covers topics including global warming, and food waste and is hosted by celebrities who are aware of the need to increase awareness. Planet Sustainability aims to change the way viewers think about themselves as well as the planet that they call home by making each topic comprehensible for most age groups. It incorporates knowledgeable speakers who have personally experienced the way that small changes can illicit big results, and have the ability to inspire change in others. From the beginning of the first episode, viewers can expect a relaxing, but engaging educational experience that they will be excited to enjoy with the family.

Paul Sop: Cyber Security Pioneer


paul sop
Entrepreneur and Cyber Security Pioneer Paul Sop

Paul Sop is contemporary artist, photographer and musician. He’s composing sound with hundreds of kilograms of digital processing equipment and a big analog modular that create distinct sounds. He has a SoundCloud page where he posts and shares his musical experiments. One of his latest musical creations, Doktor Future, is available for download online.

Paul has a virtual sound lab and playground with keyboards, voice dual osc, and a myriad of other instruments and technology that helps him play with sound.

A Kitchener native Paul Sop has steadily expanded his photographic pursuits. What began as a hobby has grown into a passion and relentless desire to express his connection with the technological revolution. The artist, who also pursues music production as a hobby and has posted some of his music online, has shared his photographs of musical equipment, wildlife, motorcycles, cars, technology and architecture on various websites. Sop has accounts on Photo-Bucket, Flickr, Etsy,, MySpace, Pinterest and other sites, where he has shared his photos with online communities.

Whether it is through technology development online through your eyes, or through his musical and whimsical sound creations through your ears, Paul will play with your senses delivering something new and fresh every time.


Omni Global Media Group: New Trends in Multimedia Marketing

omni-global-media-groupMarketing in today’s world is such a pervasive part of our lives with so many avenues that could make one’s head spin:

  • Social Media
  • Radi
  • Television
  • Print
  • Word of Mouth

For professionals in the marketing industry, a truly powerful and holistic approach to publicizing a company or a product requires nuanced thinking and a synergistic understanding of how these disparate media all work together. Why spend $20,000 on a magazine ad when you can start a twitter site for free and reach millions of people? But it is not that easy and this is where companies like Omni Global Media Group come in. Anybody can say they have a website. But it takes professionals to create a cohesive image and communicate a desired message to the right people.

A marketplace is a tricky thing and this is where the team at Omni come in. Their professionals are trained in the latest stat-of-the-art techniques that bind together television commmercials with social media and public relations. A good public relations campaign is more than just getting your name on the air or in print. It takes an awareness of crafting the right image and reaching the right ears and eyes.
Omni Global Media Group has worked with a number of celebrities and television networks in their campaigns. Their fluency in all phases of design, campaign conception, and execution make them a powerful player in today’s multimedia marketing world.

For more information visit the official Omni Global Media Group Facebook page.

More Durable Concrete Driving the Decorative Concrete Industry

The development of more durable concrete has led to the emergence of a specialty industry for decorative concrete. Leading companies in this industry, like Salzano Concrete, a northern Virginia custom concrete contractor, improve the appearance of commercial properties and residential properties by treating existing concrete surfaces, such as walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks and sidewalks. The process of altering the face of existing concrete surfaces, known as concrete resurfacing, can greatly enhance the look and feel of properties. Another type of decorative concrete, known as stamped concrete, works well when customers want to add a new concrete surface, like an extension of a driveway. A decorative concrete company, like CJ Salzano Custom Concrete, based in Centreville, Va., can pour concrete in the customer’s desired shape, and make this new surface resemble natural stone, brick, cobblestone, slate or some other natural surface.

Owner CJ Salzano of Salzano Custom Concrete has worked in the concrete business for decades, and knows how to consistently produce strong and durable concrete structures. His business, which serves customers across northern Virginia along with customers in areas of Maryland and throughout Washington, D.C., has beautified many customers’ properties with both concrete resurfacing and stamped concrete, improving their appearance and enhancing their curb appeal. The management team of Salzano Custom Concrete reviews changes and innovations across the decorative concrete industry to continuously improve the quality of the company’s services.

To learn more about the company, visit its official website, or check out the official YouTube channel for CJ Salzano Concrete, which features videos showing some of the transformations the company has performed on customers’ properties. Also, read the many beaming CJ Salzano Custom Concrete reviews from satisfied customers across the region. Customers can get many years of enjoyment out of their decorative concrete surfaces.

Technology Helps Exterminators Perform Their Jobs More Effectively

Technology Helps Exterminators Perform Their Jobs More Effectively
Online resources help pest control companies and pest control professionals provide better pest control services.

The profession of pest control has come a long way in recent years, as has the pest control industry, in using technology to identify, treat and eliminate pest infestations in South Florida. Technology has helped some of the best pest control Fort Lauderdale companies provide their customers with safer, more powerful and more effective pest treatments that exterminate pest infestations and prevent new infestations from occurring. Today’s Fort Lauderdale exterminators, and exterminators in other Broward County locations including Pembroke Pines, Coral Springs, Hallandale, Davie, Dania Beach, Hollywood, Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach can access the latest and best information for treating infestations of various pests on portable computing devices, like tablets, laptops and smartphones. This information supplements the professional knowledge that exterminators already have, helping them perform their jobs more effectively.

Technology can help exterminators performing pest control in Broward locations like Oakland Park, Sunrise, Plantation, Tamarac, Coconut Creek, Lighthouse Point and Weston. Pest control professionals who have difficulty identifying a particular species can look up reported pest problems in a particular area and even pull up pictures of these pests on their mobile computing devices. Online resources may suggest a particular pesticide to use against a specific rodent or insect, among other useful information about that pest.

The best Broward pest control businesses today use technology and all available resources to protect Broward residents and Broward businesses from the potential adverse effects of various kinds of pest infestations. Some pest species, including mice, ticks, cockroaches, rats and ants, pose serious health risks and sanitary issues. Other species, like termites and rodents, can cause physical damage to people’s homes and workplaces.

The Role of Technology in Music Today

The Role of Technology in Music Today
“Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles was hailed as revolutionary in the 1960s for its tricks and studio gimmickry.

Music production has changed dramatically since the early days of rock n’ roll in many ways. What we call modern music began in the 1950s and 1960s with pioneers like Elvis Presley and the Beatles, who owe much of their successes to the songwriting of early blues musicians. Back then, music production largely consisted of the recording of musicians and bands playing their songs in music studios. The Beatles experimented greatly in the studio and pushed the boundaries of possibility more than anyone ever had. However, even they would marvel at what’s possible in music today. Today, music producers like Chris Diodati can easily add layers of sounds and music onto recordings to give the recordings an almost surreal sound. Singers who cannot sing well can sound like the mythical Greek Sirens, thanks to “auto-tune.”

Music producers can cut and splice musical performances to make musicians sound flawless, and bands do not even need to perform together to produce songs. Producers and technicians can combine different tracks and sound clips to produce a product in which the final product actually exceeds the sum of its parts.

The same technology that helps music producers make musicians sound so good also helps creative producers and remixers like Christian Diodati, who sometimes goes by Diomix or Dio, remix the songs of other musicians to make these songs more appealing. Many listeners have heard songs that “mash up” parts of different songs. Sometimes, DJs and remixers like Christian Dio will lay hip-hop tracks over rock n’ roll guitar riffs, bass lines or drum beats to create an interesting sound.

While the Beatles became known for their studio gimmickry on albums like “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “Abbey Road,” setting the stage for countless artists to follow, one of the most notable examples of remixing involves another Beatles album. In the 2000s, a DJ known as Danger Mouse mixed the Fab Four’s “White Album” with “The Black Album” by Jay-Z, creating “The Grey Album.” Imagine what the Beatles could do if they had access to today’s technology!

Web Design, Palm Beach and Successful Marketing Strategies


Internet marketing is a powerful and immediately effective form of advertising. The e-commerce system and nature of the web has created a forum for marketing businesses that obtains customers, solicits sales and dramatically increases revenues. The two component of successful marketing on the Internet include web design and search engine optimization. With a campaign in place that implements these strategies effectively, companies reach the largest audience attract business and benefit from a constant influx of sales.

Internet marketing companies that are in tune with Google Hummingbird programming are quickly achieving high visibility and top rankings for popular searches. Successful marketing firms familiar with Google algorithm patterns were able to quickly recognize the new Hummingbird shifts and although many websites were experiencing a drop in rankings those with this knowledge immediately soared their clients to first place. In competitive markets this position on the web amounts to a large percentage of market sales.

Web design Palm Beach site that are Hummingbird-friendly and optimized with Google approved techniques are moving up in rankings ahead of competitors. Sites congruent with the new programming are replacing websites that previously dominated search engine results. What this means for businesses in saturated markets is the visibility needed to compete for sales and ensure long term success. Marketing strategies that implement proven effective SEO Palm Beach techniques are positioning clients ahead of the elite for a dramatic increase in revenue.