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The global pandemic that grasped the world for the past year has been a difficult task to navigate for all industries– but is was especially challenging for the world of law. Physical meetings are a crucial aspect of all legal professionals’ work. Whether teams must meet to discuss a case, witnesses must come in for a deposition, or all must attend a trial, larger groups of people coming together was the standard.

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In Portland, Oregon (and across most of the United States), gatherings of more than a few people were banned. As a result, legal professionals had to learn to adapt.

For Beovich, Walter & Friend (BWF), adapting is part of what they do. A court reporting firm doesn’t keep their doors open for over 60 years without adapting their services to the ever-developing needs of their clients. When the global pandemic forced them to close their physical offices for some time last spring, the staff at BWF didn’t just sit by idly, twiddling their thumbs. They kept at work from the comfort of their home.

How? With remote depositions.

Remote depositions are exactly what they sound like– depositions that take place remotely. BWF utilizes the best technology in the business to connect attorneys to their legal team, witnesses, and opposing counsel over a secure server. As long as each attendee has a reliable internet connection, they will be able to hear and see all those involved with the utmost clarity.


These depositions serve the exact same purpose as an in-person deposition: a quintessential part of the discovery process. With one of BWF’s Portland court reporters on standby, attorneys can even have a transcript at their disposal just like they would at any other deposition. The only difference (other than occurring remotely) is during the scheduling phase. All must agree to a remote deposition, and certain steps must be taken to ensure everyone is on the same page.

To help make remote depositions easier for their clients, BWF has created a number of informative pages on the topic. From tech to preparation tips, readers can host their remote deposition with confidence.

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Bevoich, Walter and Friend has always worked to make their client’s cases run as smoothly as possible. In a global pandemic, this is doubly important. When attorneys book a service with one of BWF’s skilled staff members, they can always expect fast, effective service from professionals who really care.

“I have worked with Beovich, Walter & Friend for several years,” one client says. “They are professional, efficient, reliable, very accommodating and detail oriented. They have assisted me on cases ranging from simple to very complex without fail. I highly recommend their services.”

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