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While diet and exercise will always be a part of weight loss, these days there are ways you can supplement your weight loss journey to achieve faster, longer lasting results. For some people, this might mean a body sculpting procedure. For others, it may mean serotonin weight loss supplements. This is the point where many stop their list, when in truth there is an even wider variety of options. A lesser-known alternative, bio-identical hormone pellet therapy, could be the option some people need.

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Bio-identical hormone pellet therapy, or BHRT, is a hormone treatment patients use for a variety of issues. The process involves pellets being placed under the patient’s skin, identical to hormones already in the body, to slowly absorb into the blood stream. The slower absorption gives patients the benefit of a more complete treatment.

But how can this impact one’s weight? For some people, weight retention is down to a hormone imbalance– especially in older individuals, where hormone loss is such a prevalent issue. Hormone imbalances can lead to any number of problems from decreased energy, to migraines, to (you guessed it) problems with weight.

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BHRT treatments vary, but many address weight concerns by…

  • Increasing energy
  • Reducing fat levels
  • Improving blood sugar levels
  • …and more!

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No, it isn’t the end-all, be-all of weight loss. All your problems won’t disappear over night with a single injection. What BHRT treatments can do, however, is boost your weight loss. Weight loss doctors may recommend BHRT for patients who need a boost to get over that hump, or perhaps to jumpstart their weight loss journey.

The world of weight loss has come a long way. No single person can follow the exact regimen as another person. For those who need extra assistance, options like BHRT can be the thing they need to lose that stubborn weight. The technology exists for a reason: to help others achieve the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves possible!