Credit: Salzano Concrete

Credit: Concrete Decor Magazine

The development of more durable concrete has led to the emergence of a specialty industry for decorative concrete. Leading companies in this industry, like Salzano Concrete, a northern Virginia custom concrete contractor, improve the appearance of commercial properties and residential properties by treating existing concrete surfaces, such as walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks and sidewalks. The process of altering the face of existing concrete surfaces, known as concrete resurfacing, can greatly enhance the look and feel of properties. Another type of decorative concrete, known as stamped concrete, works well when customers want to add a new concrete surface, like an extension of a driveway. A decorative concrete company, like CJ Salzano Custom Concrete, based in Centreville, Va., can pour concrete in the customer’s desired shape, and make this new surface resemble natural stone, brick, cobblestone, slate or some other natural surface.

Owner CJ Salzano of Salzano Custom Concrete has worked in the concrete business for decades, and knows how to consistently produce strong and durable concrete structures. His business, which serves customers across northern Virginia along with customers in areas of Maryland and throughout Washington, D.C., has beautified many customers’ properties with both concrete resurfacing and stamped concrete, improving their appearance and enhancing their curb appeal. The management team of Salzano Custom Concrete reviews changes and innovations across the decorative concrete industry to continuously improve the quality of the company’s services.

To learn more about the company, visit its official website, or check out the official YouTube channel for CJ Salzano Concrete, which features videos showing some of the transformations the company has performed on customers’ properties. Also, read the many beaming CJ Salzano Custom Concrete reviews from satisfied customers across the region. Customers can get many years of enjoyment out of their decorative concrete surfaces.