Among Miami African American dermatologistsDr. Angelo Thrower is known for his unique approaches to customized skin care and his proprietary beauty products designed for men and women of Hispanic and African American heritage. With more and more people of diverse ethnic backgrounds in search of specialized care for their skin and hair, Dr. Thrower has created a large following for his unique and patented creams, lotions, moisturizers, and treatments for all manner of conditions ranging from dry skin to acne.

Dr. Angelo P. Thrower opened his private practice over a quarter century ago. Since then, he has created and developed a line of skin type-specific skin care products, authored three test books covering skin and hair care for ethnic skin, and has created one of the most popular dermatology practices in Miami. 

A graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine, and George Washington University Medical Center in Washington DC, Dr. Thrower has contributed greatly to the study of dermatology in ethnic skin, writing the book Black Skin Care for the Practicing Professional, and coauthoring Skin Care: How to Save Your Skin and Basic Care for Naturally Textured Hair.

Dr. Thrower’s current list of products totals more than thirty, with all of them available exclusively at his offices. His top sellers include SPF, Mixoidil, PBC, and the Perfect Tone Cream. The Total Solution Kits include moisturizers, haircare products and lotions that offer customized treatments to his patients.

With a thriving Medi Spa and dermatology practice, Dr. Thrower’s services are in high demand. Recently, it has been revealed that Dr. Thrower treats a sampling of the glitterati in Miami’s cultural and social scene. With the addition of celebrities as patients and the ensuing popularity that follows his successful treatments, it is no wonder that the Miami Shores-based dermatologist is in such high demand.

Dr. Thrower comments on his unique place in the dermatology profession within Miami and beyond:

“As a young doctor I wanted to create a practice that helped people with background similar to mine and people who are often under-represented in both popular culture and medicine. Working with patients of mixed racial backgrounds with an assortment of skin tones has been very gratifying to me. Creating specialized treatments and products to make them feel and look better fills me with a great sense of satisfaction as both a doctor and a person.”

Dr. Thrower’s dermatology office and Medi Spa is located in Miami Shores, Florida.