Florida is well-known as a spot for retirees to move and spend the rest of their days in rest and relaxation. Hence, many businesses and services in the state are targeted toward this older demographic. But no other person, business, or group has quite the same passion and insight into elder’s needs as Mark Shalloway does.

An Attorney Who Cares

Shalloway founded his law firm Shalloway & Shalloway, P.A. with his father in 1991. The group’s team of attorneys and staff often do pro-bono work where clients don’t have to pay legal fees. The West Palm Beach-based office’s main focus is on elder law, as is evidenced by the various outlets Shalloway uses to promote elder care rights. In addition to trying cases and representing clients, Shalloway provides tools needed to assist in elder care decisions.Shalloway is a West Palm Beach elder law attorney, and his investment in his clients runs deeper than most lawyers. Some attorneys believe their relationship with a client, group or cause is a temporary arrangement, but Shalloway knows the struggles of elder care is an ongoing battle, and he is prepared to fight for their needs. Not only does he protect elders and advocate for their rights, Shalloway also educates the public about elder care.

Online Tools for Elder Law Resources

The firm’s website, shalloway.com, keeps a blog about elder care and special needs. The firm files relevant blog posts to educate readers about elder needs, with subjects ranging from tips for seniors to avoid financial scams to the differences between adult day care and nursing homes. The firm also produces elder law newsletters that include links to elder law cases, articles and policy changes. To connect with the younger generation looking for ways to protect their aging family members, Shalloway also heads a successful Facebook page. Shalloway utilizes these two forms of tech to not only promote business growth, but to make things easily accessible for everyone.

Before opening the firm, Shalloway attended Nova University Center for the Study of Law. He’s contributed to the educational system by lecturing for Stetson College of Law and in Las Vegas in the past. Shalloway is currently a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Palm Beach Community College, where he lectures on estates and administration.

Advocate Through and Through

Previously, Shalloway was also president of the Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys and was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alzheimer’s Community Car. And back in Palm Beach, he was the founding chairperson of the Palm Beach County Bar Association’s Elder Law Committee.Over the years, Shalloway has been part of countless elder advocacy organizations, both at the state and national level. Shalloway is certified by the National Elder Law Foundation, and he served as president of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, an organization for attorneys specializing in elder care law with 28 chapters across the country.

Now he serves as the Chairman of the Florida Bar Elder Law Section Medicaid Committee and gives technical assistance to the Florida Legislature on elder legislation. Shalloway is also a member of the State and Treasure Coast chapters of the Florida State Guardianships Association and the Palm Beach County Partnership for Aging.

Through active advocacy work, Mark Shalloway shows how seriously he takes elder care. He spreads his knowledge and generosity across the state and country, helping seniors show that elder’s rights will no longer be overlooked.

To contact Shalloway & Shalloway, call (561) 686-6200, or visit their website.

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