Skin cancer is an extreme danger, perhaps in no place more so than sunny Florida. Skin cancer can come from many sources, like the sun and radiation, but one of them might be surprising: gel manicures. Although the dangers of gel manicures may not be widely known, a South Florida dermatologist is already working to keep people’s skin safe and nails looking great.

A Unique Miami Dermatologist

Dr. Angelo Thrower owns and operates Dr. Thrower’s Dermatology, Skin Care and Medi-Spa in Miami Shores, the first Miami dermatology office to specialize in black and ethnic skin disorders. He also created a line of skin care, hair care and shaving products, Dr. Thrower’s Skin Care, which is sold exclusively through his Miami Shore office. Dr. Thrower has been a dermatologist in South Florida for nearly 30 years, and he’s built an impressive career specializing in treating patients from African American, Hispanic and multi-ethic backgrounds.

Combating UVA Exposure

Using gel polishes for painting nails instead of the traditional liquid polish has become a popular beauty trend. These gels last longer but require exposure to lamps that emit UVA rays to harden. Dr. Thrower is combating this UVA exposure with his new cream, SPF 30 Face & Body Moisturizing Lotion. If used when applying gel manicures, nails and skin will remain damage-free and safe from UVA rays. UVA rays don’t burn skin like harmful UVB rays, but they can penetrate skin, exposing it to advanced aging and possibly skin cancer.

Unique Skin Care Products

This new cream is in line with Dr. Thrower’s other products, which range from acne treatment to facial cleansers to skin lightening lotion. Dr. Thrower works with a diverse field of patients, which is the heart of his work. Although he’s authored several skin care books and is a team physician for the NBA team the Miami Heat, his passion is to serve minority patients and keep their skin healthy and safe.

No matter how, or even if, you paint your nails, it’s important to remember that beauty is not just about looking good but also feeling good. It doesn’t matter what the newest beauty trend is, it should not jeopardize your mental or physical health. Dr. Thrower’s new cream is taking away the potential risks of gel manicures, making people look and feel great without compromising their health.