With six months to go until its release, JP Morgan analysists are attempting to gauge the potential market for yet another iPhone whose updates seem to be centered around for rather than function. According to their analysis release, there is a strong belief that these are still a significant number of consumers with older iPhones looking for a chance to upgrade. This will be their potential market.

Sleek New Design and Futuristic Features

But why upgrade when your current phone works just fine? The iPhone 8 seems to promise a lot. Instead of going larger to increase screen size like they did with the iPhones 6 and 7 plus versions, Apple is keeping their larger screens within smaller frames by using new technology to wrap the iPhone 8’s screen around the edge of the device. With this new screen come the new camera options which will allow you to refocus pictures after already taking them. In addition, the new iPhone will have 3-D facial recognition capabilities along with 3D camera effects and wireless charging, a factor often discussed by technology consultants and smartphone enthusiasts alike.