Apps Already Help People Modify Their Behavior

Could Apps Help Behavior Modification in Troubled Teens?

Teens, who already use technology extensively, may one day use technology and apps to help them avoid trouble and make better decisions.

In recent years, with the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile computing devices, helpful apps have emerged to help many people break bad habits and make better decisions for themselves. It stands to reason that someone somewhere will develop an app that helps young people, particularly teenagers, curb their negative behaviors and actions, and make more responsible decisions. After all, younger generations use technology and devices more than older generations. If app makers developed apps that rewarded responsible decisions and good behavior, it might encourage some young people to make better decisions. Such apps could reinforce the treatments offered by treatment centers and treatment programs for troubled young people, such as Integrity House, a treatment center for young ladies, located in Cedar City, Utah. The Integrity House Utah treatment center helps young women overcome many types of harmful behaviors, such as school truancy, alcohol use, drug use and more.

Apps Could Help Teens Stay on Track

Apps on teens’ smartphones could potentially keep track of positive behaviors, like attending school, earning good grades and staying sober. By staying in touch with the mentors, counselors and teachers at the treatment center, young women who had graduated from the Integrity House RTC could share their progress with the staff at the center. The staff at Integrity House reviews various ways in which they can help young ladies lead productive and fulfilling lives.

App makers have already developed numerous apps that help people modify their behavior, including apps that help people stick to their diets to lose weight, along with apps that help people stay focused and procrastinate less. Apps for behavioral modification for the wired generation make sense.