How One Broward Sinus Doctor Is Changing the Way People Breathe Easier With Balloon Sinuplasty

Breathing easier… It’s a bit of a cliche and a saying used in many contexts, all relating to the idea of comfort and relaxation. But if you have ever suffered from allergies or chronic nasal congestion you know that breathing easily or freely is not something you take for granted.

When our breathing is inhibited through the nasal passages airflow must travel through the mouth and this phenomenon, known as “mouth breathing” can have severe consequences ranging from sleep deprivation and sleep apnea to strokes and even heart attacks.

Fort Lauderdale balloon sinuplasty doctors like Dr. Wilson DuMornay are experiencing more and more patients with chronic sinus congestion, sinusitis, allergies that constrict the nasal passages, deviated septums and other causes and conditions that affect breathing.

Thes doctors, commonly referred to as “ear, nose and throat” specialists, are in fact called “otolaryngologists” in the profession. They are at the technological forefront of a new procedure called “balloon sinuplasty“. Balloon sinuplasty is a revolutionary procedure usually conducted in the doctor’s office, but sometimes in outpatient centers or hospitals, that dramatically improves sinus flow and usage with no side effects and without the need for general anesthesia.

Balloons are inserted into the nostrils where they are inflated and expand the nasal openings to improve airflow and consequently breathing. The result is long-term improvement of your breathing and sleep habits.

Balloon Sinuplasty involves almost no downtime and no need for major recovery or rest. The procedure has a less than .01% complication rate so it is considered extraordinarily safe.

What makes Dr. DuMornay’s practice exceptional in the industry is his dedication and commitment to his patients. Dr. DuMornay explains his philosophy when it comes to utilizing Balloon Sinuplasty:

“We are proud to have a very strong and loyal patient base with a commitment to the long-term health of our patients. We only prescribe balloon sinuplasty when we feel there is a 99% chance of improving the lives of our patients. It’s important for our patients to know and understand the importance of good and proper breathing out of the nasal passages and its link to good overall health.”



How the National Network Reporting Company Is Transforming the Future of Court Reporting

Court reporting is not one of those industries you think of as a technology leader. In fact, court reporting is not one of those industries most people outside of the legal profession ever think of. But the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is a game-changer both in the legal profession and beyond it.

This global court reporting association with members across the United States, Canada, England and Europe has transformed the litigation support and stenography field with a variety of innovations that have moved them at the forefront of their industry. Based in California, NNRC’s real home is on the web at Their website serves as a legal and court reporting news resource complete with special member profile pages like this Cleveland court reporters page for Cady Reporting, a long-time member.

The national court reporters directory includes a number of ways clients can book services using the 24/7 mobile booking engine, a rarity within the industry. With so many attorneys and paralegals traveling between depositions and court appearances, the importance of being able to reserve videoconferences and meeting rooms using only a smartphone cannot be over-stated in today’s fast-paced business culture.

While most court reporting companies barely have a functioning website, if they have one at all, the NNRC directory allows for geographical index searches, bookings using a master scheduling form, and appointments via each member page. In addition, the NNRC site includes a variety of important legal resources from information on various areas of practice and how they impact the reporting profession to legal news by area and type.

The NNRC blog is also a great read for those looking for new information on legal news and other trends across a wide spectrum of regions and topics, from Bar Association news to decisions on various cases.

Chuck Cady of Cady Reporting, a Recent NNRC Partner of the Month

For members, the perks are many. To begin with, each member is granted exclusivity over their market. This means that all referrals or requests for services in a given region go to a single member automatically. Membership has its privileges as they say! One other perk is the online forum, a private conversation area exclusive to members where each participant can engage in discussions about trends and topics within their fields. The site’s “Partner of the Month” feature highlights a member each month with a thorough interview and a link to a special Member profile page.

This and many other forward-thinking approaches to the court reporting profession make NNRC the world’s leading directory of court reporters and the premier association of its kind.


The Serotonin Plus Program Is Transforming Weight Loss

Back in the old days, say 2004, people used to take funny shakes and weird concoctions hoping they would lead to dropping those dreaded 10 pounds! Thankfully, weight loss has become a far more nuanced and exact science in the past ten years. The new hormone therapy called Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program is one of the most revolutionary treatments available today.

Natural Hormone Therapy

Treating the body’s natural serotonin levels in order to eliminate unhealthy cravings for carbohydrates and other foods, bingeing and other bad habits, the SP Program has no known side effects and is crafted to meet the individual needs of all patients. Developed by Dr. Robert Posner, the Serotonin Plus program is only administered by select physicians such as Dr. Dale Eubank at Advanced Weight Loss, a leading medical weight loss clinic in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Obesity is an American Epidemic

It is estimated that more than 39% of Americans are obese and more than 63% are over-weight. With obesity leading to serious medical afflictions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, the importance of living within a healthy weight cannot be over-emphasized. With the many weight loss fads out there promising ridiculous results, the SP Program is one of the few that delivers realistic and long-term weight loss where patients not only shed extra pounds but continue to keep them off, all without having to consume any dangerous medications of funny-tasting faddy foods.

A New Life With Safe Weight Loss

Living well starts with being the right weight for your body. With the proliferation of medical weight loss programs and centers across America and the world, it is not always easy to know which plan works best without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars. The genius of the Serotonin Plus program is that it works naturally and works well. It’s never a bad time to lose those extra pounds safely!

The Book on Using the Web for an Effective Political Campaign Is Being Written by Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief

Barack Obama’s victory in the 2008 Presidential election was hailed as a landmark moment in the history of American politics for being the first time an African-American Presidential candidate rose to victory. Lost in the shuffle of that incredible story however was the revolutionary way the Obama campaign utilized social media and the Web to rally and organize supporters outside the political mainstream and the financial elite.

Barbara Sharief: A Tale of New Media Success

When it comes to using the Internet and all of its various myriad components, from social media and websites to chat rooms and blogs, few politicians could rival the wave of momentum built by Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief. Mayor Sharief, has engaged her constituency in very unique and direct ways that have enhanced her vivid and accessible online portrait.

Whether Facebook posts or Twitter updates, press releases and video appearances, Barbara Sharief has created a variety of unique content that transcends the canned and predictable photo ops and puff pieces associated with most politicians today.

Instagram As Signpost

Whereas most political figures, be they governors or presidents, city councillors or state legislators, are stuck in the “safe” and “playing not to lose” mindset of media content distribution and creation, Mayor Sharief is a very “hands-on” practitioner of the social media arts. The Babara Sharief Instagram page, for example, illustrates her down home and accessible style with a variety of friendly and illustrative photographs that blend her professional appearances with standard and casual goings-on about town.

Facebook The Way It Was Meant to Be

Her Facebook page combines video clips of appearances on news shows and press conferences with photos from her philanthropic endeavors and other public appearances. Added to these standard issue political image-building content items are her family photos of recent vacations or evenings out with her kids to enjoy dinner. The combination of the personal with the professional is what makes Mayor Sharief’s content so immediately appealing. Her Facebook page also connects her with her fans and constituents by highlighting hot new restaurants, award winners in small business sectors and various charitable causes.

Her smile is natural. Her words are well-chosen without feeling scripted and safe. It is this sincerity which has led her to two straight election victories in the Broward County Mayoral races.

The Future of Barbara Sharief’s Political Career

Who knows what the future holds for Barbara Sharief? Whether or not she runs for a state or federal office, one thing is true: Ms. Sharief’s handle on digital media creation and her fluid sense of confidence combined with a natural sincerity make her a textbook study on how to build a digital presence in an age where so many politicians don’t know the business end of a smartphone app from a rotary dial handset.

How a Law Firm Techniques It’s Way to Digital Success

For a business to succeed online it takes a variety of factors: great content on your website, an updated design that integrates basic mobile-friendly features, and a little thinking outside the box. In the legal profession, with the crowded competitive field, the “thinking outside the box” factor is the key.

This is where Shalloway & Shalloway, a law firm in West Palm Beach, has succeeded. Their website, apart from being updated regularly and offering well-written content, provides its prospective clientele (elderly and families looking for counsel in special needs care) with a variety of ways to engage the firm and learn about the legal process.

Shalloway and Shalloway specializes in providing visitors to their site with an array of informed and well-written documents, from questionnaires on pre-consultation questions relating to wills & trusts to guidelines on veterans aid and estate planning.

Mark Shalloway

Mark Shalloway, the Founder of the form, is one of the more forward-thinking attorneys in the field of elder and special needs care. His activities in the community range from providing free seminars to offering educational sessions to members of the military. Active on social media and prominent in his field as an expert in a variety of legal areas related to his practice, Mr. Shalloway has manufactured an impressive online presence that exemplifies the integration between industry knowledge and the technical skills relevant to digital presence building.

What separates the firm of Shalloway & Shalloway from other firms is their commitment to pro bono services. By combining the downloadable content with their basic content on their website and by organizing the many free events for the public, the firm creates a seamless fusion of marketing and advocacy that works in the best traditions of the legal profession and helps them stand out in a crowded and competitive field.

iPhone 8 Rumors Abound

With six months to go until its release, JP Morgan analysists are attempting to gauge the potential market for yet another iPhone whose updates seem to be centered around for rather than function. According to their analysis release, there is a strong belief that these are still a significant number of consumers with older iPhones looking for a chance to upgrade. This will be their potential market.

Sleek New Design and Futuristic Features

But why upgrade when your current phone works just fine? The iPhone 8 seems to promise a lot. Instead of going larger to increase screen size like they did with the iPhones 6 and 7 plus versions, Apple is keeping their larger screens within smaller frames by using new technology to wrap the iPhone 8’s screen around the edge of the device. With this new screen come the new camera options which will allow you to refocus pictures after already taking them. In addition, the new iPhone will have 3-D facial recognition capabilities along with 3D camera effects and wireless charging, a factor often discussed by technology consultants and smartphone enthusiasts alike.


Keeping Up With Advances in Neurosurgery

Healthcare Consortium Kaiser Permanente

Finding a specialist in your area can be a hassle. However, integrated medical care consortiums like Kaiser Permanente are able to guarantee excellence and expediency by incorporating multiple practices under one ‘umbrella’ team. The KP group promises that all of the doctors within their employ will measure up to and maintain their high quality of practicing health care, which not only gives their customers peace of mind but a standard of excellent healthcare.

A Neurosurgeon Isn’t Bound To The Operating Table

While the term ‘neurosurgeon’ tends to bring up an image of brain surgery, about 70% of the time, a neurosurgeon is working on your spine and issues that are caused by poor spinal health. The spine is the cause of many chronic and painful issues such as back pain, neck pain, and even leg pain. Herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, or even pinched nerves in this region can cause pain and various side effects throughout the body. This can make the source of this pain difficult to diagnose without seeing a nerve specialist such as a neurosurgeon.

Introducing Dr. Shayan Rahman

Practiced neurosurgeons like Dr. Shayan Rahman have to undergo years of medical training to become certified in their field, which is one of the reasons why Kaiser Permanente appointed Dr. Rahman as their Assistant Chief of the department of Neuroscience. During his time as a neurosurgeon, Dr. Rahman has published an impressive repertoire of studies since graduating in 2001 from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and has attended neurosurgery courses all over the United States. With his recent promotion, he continues to be a dedicated consultant to the Clinical Neurosurgery in the USA online publication and a dedicated professor at his alma mater, UCLA’s Medical School.

Affordable Websites by Sophia Web Design

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 1.35.40 PMSmall businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to create a stunning profile on the internet can represent themselves with elegant web design at an affordable price.  In today’s society, it seems everyone is working on smartphones and tablets. To ensure clients reach the contemporary market of consumers Sophia Web Design affordable websites automatically configure to all mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets have one touch contact features!

Sophia Webdesign includes one-touch calling, emailing and purchase options to ensure its clients never miss a sale! When you are ready to reach the highest percentage of consumers and dramatically increase your influx of sales, contact our team. We are designing mobile responsive websites that are withing your budget allowance!

Web Designs that Align your business with the Elite!

Seductive imagery and mobile responsive designs are captivating audiences and converting viewers into customers. Sophia Web Design is bringing clients a constant influx of sales!


Business Today TV Show Topics: Smartphone Addiction

business-today-tv-smartphonesThe Business Today television program explores the power of smartphones, social media and how communication technologies can become addictive.

Is it Time to Take a Break From Your Smartphone?

These days, we are all attached to our smartphones as if they were extensions of us. True, they are useful, but many experts have pointed out the pitfalls of staring into our screens for so many hours a day. Have you thought that you might be using your smartphone to much? As discussed on the Business Today television program, here are some things to consider if you think you might need a break from your device.

Are You Ignoring People in Real Life?

Smartphone addiction can be alienating for your friends and family. Do you find yourself not paying attention to others? Maybe it’s time to put the phone down.

Does Your Neck Hurt?

Research shows that looking down at your phone can cause neck pain, back problems, and bad posture. If you notice these symptoms, perhaps you should use your phone less — or maybe raise your phone nearer to your face.

business-today-social-mediaIs Your Attention Span Decreasing?

Some active smartphone users report a decrease in attention span and short-term memory. They attribute it to the use of their phones, but research has not been conclusive as to whether there’s a direct link. In any case, a break from your device may help you improve your focus.

You don’t necessarily need to make a clean break from your smartphone, but tapering use off little by little could determine if it’s causing problems for you. In the end, it’s all about what you want in your smartphone relationship.

TV Shows

An Educational Experience Unlike Any Other

Planet Sustainability Television
Image courtesy of watcharakun at

It has been a long time since television viewers have had a program turn its attention to how things are changing on planet Earth. With so much debate about the way that the human species has left its mark on the planet, it seems that the perfect time for an educational series is now. A new program has the ability to take viewers off of their couch and into the midst of issues that are occurring all around them.

The Planet Sustainability Television program is designed by a top-of-the-line team that have pooled their talents to create something truly amazing. From visual effects to the content itself, viewers will be able to experience a series unlike anything that they’ve encountered before.

The series covers topics including global warming, and food waste and is hosted by celebrities who are aware of the need to increase awareness. Planet Sustainability aims to change the way viewers think about themselves as well as the planet that they call home by making each topic comprehensible for most age groups. It incorporates knowledgeable speakers who have personally experienced the way that small changes can illicit big results, and have the ability to inspire change in others. From the beginning of the first episode, viewers can expect a relaxing, but engaging educational experience that they will be excited to enjoy with the family.